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Does Root Canal Calcification Require a Repeat Root Canal?

Posted by AllSmiles

I didn’t know it could happen, but my dentist said the root canal on my upper left incisor calcified. I got the root canal in 2012 and have no symptoms in the tooth. However, I noticed the tooth looked darker last December than the others. The dentist mentioned the calcification during my dental exam and X-rays last week. She said that I probably needed a repeat root canal. Is her recommendation reasonable? Or can I leave the tooth alone because it feels okay? It’s just a little darker than the others, but that doesn’t bother me. Thanks. Noah from Minnesota


We will explain root canal calcification and why your dentist may have recommended repeat root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Calcification?

Root canal calcification is excess calcium in a tooth’s root channels. Tooth trauma, age, or insufficient vitamin C or calcium can contribute to calcification. Calcium deposits help repair a tooth after trauma but may fill the pulp chamber and root canals.

What Is the Treatment for a Calcified Root Canal?

Six-step root canal diagram: infection, opening the tooth, removing infection, filling and sealing, post, dental crown
Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is the treatment for calcification if an X-ray reveals a tooth infection. An endodontist (root canal specialist) may use the following methods during treatment:

  • 3-D CT scan – Identify the calcified channels that require treatment
  • Dental microscope – Locate the channels for treatment
  • Ultrasonic dental instrument – Target the structure to be removed without weakening the tooth

What If You Decline a Repeat Root Canal?

An infection from calcified channels will continue to spread without root canal treatment. We recommend consulting a dentist with root canal experience or an endodontist (root canal specialist) for a second opinion. Avoid delaying care because it may lead to a dental emergency and more complex treatment.


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