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Sedation Dentistry – What Medications Are Actually Used?

Posted by clburke

It’s not unusual to experience fear or anxiety when going to the dentist. Instead of letting fear of the dentist keep you from oral health, you should consider sedation dentistry.

At Walden Dentisty, in Chandler, Arizona, we do what is called Conscious Sedation, also known as moderate sedation. Once we know what your needs are and have a thorough health history, including your vitals, we set up you appointment for treatment. We give you two sedatives one for the night before and the other for the morning of your appointment. When you are driven to our Chandler, Arizona dental office by your escort we also give you an IV. We use a drug called Versed as our main medication, which is in the Valium family and typically tolerated very well.

We generally also give you some medication, either Ketorolac or Phytanyl, to help with any discomfort you may have. When we are finished most people go home and sleep for a few hours. Any effects of the drugs are gone by the next morning. Most importantly, through out the procedure you are able to protect your own airway, you are able to swallow or cough on your own.

As a licensed sedation dentist in Chandler, Arizona, I’m here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact my office directly at (480) 755-1661.

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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