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Why Are Some People Afraid of the Dentist?

Posted by clburke

Going to the dentist may not be a trip to Disneyland, but it is an important component in ensuring your teeth and gums remain healthy. Everyone needs to go a couple times a year, but some individuals have such an intense fear that they avoid going altogether. Patients can miss out on essential treatments for repairing or preventing damage. For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry in Chandler, AZ for people who need it. However, it can also help to get to the root of the problem and uncover why some people are genuinely scared.

Fear of Pain

Whether it is through a past bad experience or listening to other people’s experiences, some people are terribly afraid of experiencing any pain. It is a reasonable fear but completely unfounded with modern technology. Many treatments are not painful at all, and if you need to undergo surgery, anesthetics are available.


Some people feel so bad about the look or smell of their teeth that they do not want anyone near them, including someone whose job it is to deal with teeth. This can include people who do not want to be scolded for neglecting their oral health. A good dentist should never judge, and the worst that will happen is that you will be given recommendations on what you can do to improve your smile.

Loss of Control

A lot of people simply do not like feeling as though they are powerless. When going to a dental office, you sit there while someone else pokes around in your mouth. It is important to trust your dental professional and realize that your dentist is only trying to help you.

Let Us Help Your Dental Health

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