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How Can I Cope If I am Afraid of Dentist’s Numbing Shot?

Posted by AllSmiles

Somber man portraying concern over the numbing shot from a dentistI am afraid of the dentist’s numbing shot but need to see a dentist for three right teeth that ache. I have delayed the visit, but the teeth are starting to smell, and I can’t chew on the right side anymore. Is there an alternative to the numbing shot? Do you have suggestions for patients like me to get through the shot so I can get treatment? Thank you. Kristoff

Kristoff –

Thank you for your question. Dental anxieties and phobias affect millions of people.

How Can You Manage Fear of a  Dentist’s Numbing Shots?

You manage the fear of a dentist’s numbing shot by looking for a gentle who caters to anxious or fearful patients. A gentle dentist will put you at ease before treatment.

Many dentists prevent you from feeling the numbing shot with these steps:

  • Numbing your gums around your teeth
  • Injecting a local anesthetic after ensuring you are numb
  • Offering distractions, such as headphones, music, or an overhead TV to keep you comfortable in the dental chair
  • Providing sedation to relax you throughout treatment.

You can enjoy a comfortable, painless experience without feeling discomfort from a numbing shot.

How Can You Find a Pain-Free Dentist?

You can find a pain-free dentist by looking online for dentists who cater to anxious patients or offer sedation dentistry. Choose two or three dentists, and schedule consultations with them. You will have time to discuss your oral health concerns and explain your anxiety.

Please do not unnecessarily delay seeing a dentist for your toothaches. Prompt care can prevent you from experiencing more painful, costly issues.

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