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After Six Denture Repair Kits, My Gums Are So Sore

Posted by AllSmiles

Over the last 10 months, I’ve used six denture repair kits. My denture broke near the gumline, and the repair isn’t lasting. My gums are sore now. I wonder if my repair attempts made the denture worse. I’m not sure any dentist can fix it. The denture was already a bit loose, but now it hurts. Is a new denture my only option? I’ve only had it eight years and hoped to extend its lifespan. – Thanks. Doug from Lancaster, PA


Although trying to preserve your denture with a denture repair kit is tempting, the slightest error can irritate your gums and cause sore spots. When denture pieces come apart, professional denture repair becomes more costly.

What About High-Strength Adhesives for Denture Repair?

Many people attempt the repair with fast-bonding, high-strength adhesives or super glue, but those materials are not for oral use. Nor are they made to withstand an environment wet with saliva and whatever you eat or drink. To assemble the pieces, a dental technician must remove the leftover glue from the denture.

Will You Need a New Denture If Repair Kits Don’t Work?

Model of an implant denture, available in Chandler, AZ from Dr. William Walden
Implant denture

You may need a new denture if repair kits don’t work. However, schedule an appointment with a dentist first to examine the prosthesis. If your denture is old, worn, or damaged or will no longer fit, the prosthodontist may recommend a new denture.

Implant overdentures can ease problems with denture fit and decrease their risk of breaking. When dental implants anchor a denture, you will handle the denture less, and the stability can help prevent damage.

When you see a dentist about your denture, ask about your options for implant dentures. Even if you don’t need a denture now, a discussion about implant dentures can help you plan for them whenever your denture needs to be replaced.


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