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Will Getting New Dentures More Often Prevent Facial Collapse?

I watched a YouTube video about how getting new dentures more often can help prevent facial collapse. If that works, I would like to know about dentists who offer frequent buyers’ plans and discounts for dentures. I’ve worn dentures since 2001 and see the difference in my face from pictures back then versus now. I […]


After Six Denture Repair Kits, My Gums Are So Sore

Over the last 10 months, I’ve used six denture repair kits. My denture broke near the gumline, and the repair isn’t lasting. My gums are sore now. I wonder if my repair attempts made the denture worse. I’m not sure any dentist can fix it. The denture was already a bit loose, but now it […]


My Dental Implants and Crowns are Falling Apart

My full-mouth reconstruction is falling apart. The implants and crowns are no good. Within three years, I lost two veneers and three crowns. Both implant crowns are loose, and my gums bleed when I floss. I switched back to the soft food diet I had when I first got the implants. I spent $50,000 on […]


Can I Glue My Broken Implant Denture?

My implant denture broke. The denture base clips onto a bar, but when I tried to get it back on the bar this morning, it broke. Over the past three weeks, I’ve had problems putting the denture in and taking it off the bar. I should have called my dentist and asked her to look […]


Do Denture Implants Hurt?

Have you given up on saving your last few teeth, or are you skeptical about the cost of upgrading your denture base? Implant dentures might be the solution for you. As few as two dental implants can stabilize your denture and improve its function. But what can you expect? And do denture implants hurt? Do […]


What Are the Oral Hygiene Risks for a Fixed Implant Denture?

I want to replace my upper and lower dentures with implant dentures because my jawbone is shrinking. Although fixed dentures seem nice, I am concerned about oral hygiene risks. I have worn dentures for 12 years, and every night, I remove them to clean my mouth, gums, tongue, and denture. I take care of my […]


My Implant Denture Teeth Are Too Big

For more than a year, I saved for implant dentures and found who I thought was a good dentist. The implant placement went well, and I wore temporary dentures until the healing was complete. Twice, I told my dentist that I was concerned that the front teeth in the denture were too big, and I […]


How Many Implants for an Overdenture?

After wearing dentures for 22 years, I am ready to invest in an overdenture. I am 70 years old, active, and in good health. I am a non-smoker, which I’ve read is essential to helping my implants last. Longevity in my family convinces me that it is worth it to get an overdenture. I am […]

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