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What Are the Oral Hygiene Risks for a Fixed Implant Denture?

Posted by AllSmiles

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I want to replace my upper and lower dentures with implant dentures because my jawbone is shrinking. Although fixed dentures seem nice, I am concerned about oral hygiene risks. I have worn dentures for 12 years, and every night, I remove them to clean my mouth, gums, tongue, and denture. I take care of my dentures, and any dentist I’ve seen has been surprised that they look new. What are the hygiene risks with an implant denture? Thank you. Miracle from Rockville, MD


Thank you for your question. We understand your concerns about oral hygiene because it is essential for preventing infection around your dental implants. Your diligence in caring for your removable denture will help you maintain an implant denture.

Are There Oral Hygiene Risks for Fixed Implant Dentures?

The oral hygiene risks for fixed implant dentures are related to your gum health. Dental implants cannot cause cavities, but bacteria and plaque can accumulate around the implants. Keeping your gums clean prevents peri-implantitis, or inflammation and disease in the tissue around dental implants.

How Can You Keep Your Implant Dentures Clean?

You can clean your implant dentures with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups.


A soft-bristled electric toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste will keep your implant denture clean. You can eliminate bacteria by brushing all your oral tissue, including:

  • Cheeks
  • Tongue
  • Roof of mouth


A water flosser streams water beneath the denture to remove food particles and bacteria around the implants. Concentrate on these areas when using the water flosser:

  • Each implant
  • Roof of your mouth
  • Creases where your denture and gums meet

Regular checkups

Even if you no longer have natural teeth, regular dental exams and cleanings will ensure your oral tissue and implants are healthy. Your dental hygienist and dentist are trained to look for any signs of oral disease that can compromise your oral health. Also, your hygienist has specialized tools to clean around your dental implants.

Transitioning from removable dentures to fixed implant dentures improves denture function, fit, and your smile. Best wishes!

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