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How Many Implants for an Overdenture?

Posted by AllSmiles

After wearing dentures for 22 years, I am ready to invest in an overdenture. I am 70 years old, active, and in good health. I am a non-smoker, which I’ve read is essential to helping my implants last. Longevity in my family convinces me that it is worth it to get an overdenture. I am sure I have some bone shrinkage and need grafting, but how many implants would I need? – Thanks Doug



Thank you for your question. Dr. Walden would need to examine your teeth, take a 3-D CT scan, and review your medical and dental histories to determine whether you qualify for dental implants. How many implants will you need for an overdenture?

How Many Implants Will You Need for an Overdenture?

The number of implants you need for an overdenture depends on several factors, including your oral health, bone level, and the stability you want for your denture. We will discuss implant overdenture types and how many implants they require.

Implant denture type

  • Snap-on denture – Two dental implants support a denture. A snap-on denture is removable.
  • All-on-4 denture implants – The All-on-4 technique uses four to six implants. Implant dentists use the method for patients with low bone volume who might otherwise require bone grafting. All-on-4 implants are fixed implant dentures because your denture screws onto them. Only a trained dentist can remove your denture.
  • Standard implants – Four to six implants can secure a denture. You may need bone grafting before a dentist screws your denture onto the implants.

How Jawbone Shrinkage Affects Implant Placement

Model of an implant denture, available in Chandler, AZ from Dr. William Walden
Implant denture

If you have jawbone shrinkage due to missing teeth, a dentist may perform a bone grafting procedure to prepare your jawbone for implants. You may not need bone grafting if you qualify for the All-on-4 technique.

Schedule an Implant Denture Consultation

  • Visit a dentist with advanced implant training. General dentists with advanced implantology training and experience can complete implant surgery and restore your implants. Otherwise, the dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon or periodontist for implant surgery. After your implants heal, the dentist will attach your denture.
  • See a dentist before an oral surgeon. A dentist will take a mold of your mouth to determine how your denture should fit and where an oral surgeon should place your implants. The dentist will provide the oral surgeon with a surgical guide for implant placement.
  • Let your doctors coordinate your care. Allowing your dentist and oral surgeon or periodontist to coordinate your care ensure implants and dentures that fit and function well.

We recommend scheduling consultations with at least two implant or restorative dentists to discuss your options. Comparing dentists’ options, techniques, and fees can help you select a provider.


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