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My Implant Denture Teeth Are Too Big

Posted by AllSmiles

For more than a year, I saved for implant dentures and found who I thought was a good dentist. The implant placement went well, and I wore temporary dentures until the healing was complete. Twice, I told my dentist that I was concerned that the front teeth in the denture were too big, and I wanted to be sure that the permanent denture would not look the same. My dentist said the teeth looked fine, but we could get the permanent denture the way I liked it. After much discussion about the permanent denture and a try-in, I am convinced that, somehow, my dentist switched back to the denture with big front teeth. I paid too much money for an implant denture with buck teeth. If my dentist will not cooperate, can I ask for a refund? Thank you. Jacques from Philadelphia


Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you invested your time and money into a new smile that does not complement your face. Yes, your dentist is responsible.

We suggest listing what you do and do not like about your implant denture. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss your concerns. Ask him if he will correct what you do not like or issue a refund. And you are entitled to a refund because the denture you received does not match the agreement you had with your dentist.

Preventing Denture Teeth from Being Too Big

A cosmetic dentist will ensure your denture teeth are not too big but complement your face. The wax try-in allows your dentist to check these factors:

  • Your facial appearance and profile
  • Lip fullness
  • Your bite
  • Your speech

Although you mentioned that your dentist did the try-in, it seems he was not attentive to your concerns. If you think your dentist will not cooperate, it is best to see a cosmetic dentist for a second opinion.

Will You Need a New Denture to Replace the Teeth?

Upper implant overdenture available in Chandler, AZ from Dr. William Walden
Upper implant overdenture

After assessing the denture quality, a cosmetic dentist may use these steps to revise your implant denture:

  • Remove your implant denture
  • Drill out the teeth
  • Reprocess the denture

The revision will improve your smile and help your implant denture feel comfortable.

Even if you decide to stay with your current dentist, consider getting a second opinion and documentation of the work a dentist must complete to correct the denture teeth. You can take the information back to your dentist to support your discussion about the issues you want him to fix.

Best wishes for a stress-free resolution.

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