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Do Denture Implants Hurt?

Posted by AllSmiles

Have you given up on saving your last few teeth, or are you skeptical about the cost of upgrading your denture base? Implant dentures might be the solution for you. As few as two dental implants can stabilize your denture and improve its function. But what can you expect? And do denture implants hurt?

Do Denture Implants Hurt?

Implant dentures do not hurt. Your dentist or oral surgeon will make you comfortable with sedation during dental implant surgery and apply local anesthetic for a painless experience. After surgery, you can expect swelling and discomfort that will peak within three days and gradually improve.

What Can You Expect with Implant Dentures?

If you are interested in an implant denture, a dentist will verify if you are a candidate for the procedure. The implant dentist will use these factors to verify your eligibility:

  • Medical history
  • Dental history
  • Overall health
  • Three-dimensional x-rays – Measures your bone volume to determine if you need grafting to support the implants. Read an article published by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry for information on low bone volume and implant dentures.

How Many Implants Will You Need for a Denture?

You will need at least two dental implants to support a denture. But four to six implants increase the stability of the denture. After discussing your options with an implant dentist, you can decide how many implants you want to support your denture. For details, read our post, How Many Implants for an Overdenture?

During the Procedure

After the dentist sedates you and numbs your mouth, they will complete these steps:

  • Use computer-guided technology to make a small incision for each implant through your gums and jawbone
  • Insert an artificial tooth root for each implant location below your gumline
  • Stitch the area closed or protect it with a healing cap
  • Attach a temporary denture immediately or in about two weeks


Immediately after your procedure, you will experience moderate swelling and bleeding. As the weeks pass, your discomfort will decrease. Your implant dentist will give you post-operative instructions to manage your pain and other symptoms. Follow the instructions closely and keep your follow-up appointments.

Final Implant Overdenture

In three to four months, your jawbone will fuse with the implants. Then, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth for your final implant overdenture.

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