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My New Dental Crown Is Unstable

Posted by AllSmiles

Woman with her hands at her temples and her eyes closed, portraying the need for a cater-to-cowards dentist in Chandler, AZMy new dental crown is unstable, and I would like your advice on handling my concerns. I understand that I am not an existing patient at your office, but I would like some general direction, please.  In June of this year, I had to find a new dentist because I moved from California to Maryland to be closer to my aging parents. When I had an exam and cleaning appointment in late September, the dentist recommended replacing an old crown. I felt rushed about the dentist’s bite check with the crown. Now the crown feels unstable. The crown is not entirely loose, but it feels like there is play in it.

I returned to the dentist, and she said the issue was probably my fillings, not my crown. She wants to replace the fillings before fixing or replacing the crown. I have white fillings on three teeth that I got in 2020, and I haven’t had any problems with them. I told her that I needed time to think about it. I don’t trust my new dentist yet because I’m a new patient and don’t really know her. I got so comfortable with my former dentist that I rarely needed sedation. I can feel my anxiety level growing, and I don’t want to have a setback. I need a dentist I can trust. Does it make sense to replace fillings instead of fixing the crown? Thank you. Julia from Frederick, MD


Thank you for your question. Dr. Walden or Dr. Beavers would need to check your crown and bite to provide an accurate diagnosis. Still, dentists must check crowns and ensure they meet clinical standards. A dentist dedicated to quality work would want to check your crown before cementing it and ensure you are satisfied. Unfortunately, your dentist rushed while checking your new crown for a proper fit.

When a New Crown Feels Unstable

Its construction or position may cause discomfort when a new crown feels unstable. Although your new crown is not loose, you describe it as having “play” in it. Your dentist must determine the cause of the uncomfortable fit. A dental crown should feel as comfortable as your natural teeth.

Could Your Dental Fillings Affect Your Crown?

If your dental fillings were stable before your dentist placed a new crown, the fillings are unlikely to affect your bite. Although your dentist says that the problem may be with your fillings, did she conduct any tests to confirm it?

We recommend asking your dentist to check your crown thoroughly to determine why it does not feel stable. If you are unsatisfied with the response, find a dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training for a second opinion. Ask for referrals and check patient reviews. Hopefully, you can find a knowledgeable dentist that helps you feel comfortable, even if you need sedation temporarily, until you establish a trusting relationship.


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