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Could Removing My Mismatched Implant Crown Damage It?

Posted by AllSmiles

Model of front tooth dental implant
Model of front tooth dental implant

I got a new implant crown in March that does not match the crown next to it or my front teeth. My dentist tried three times to correct the crown, but it came back mismatched every time. My dentist attached the crown to the implant without telling me, but I want it off. Will repeatedly removing and reattaching the crown damage my dental implant? I don’t want to ignore the mismatched color, but I am concerned about dental implant failure. I regret letting my dentist do the crown. – Thank you. Roberto from Aspen



Can Removing a Dental Implant Crown Damage Your Implant?

A trained cosmetic dentist can safely remove your crown without harming the dental implant. It would be wise to get a second opinion from a skilled cosmetic dentist to replace your dental implant crown with one that seamlessly blends with the adjacent crown and your natural teeth.

How Will a Dentist Match Your Crown?

An accomplished cosmetic dentist collaborates closely with a master ceramist at a dental lab. Your cosmetic dentist will follow a precise process to match the crown using steps like these:

  • Sketch the tooth and label areas of color variation
  • Provide clear instructions to the ceramist about the initial tooth shade
  • Indicate areas on the tooth where the ceramist can apply tints to match the surrounding natural teeth
  • Check the crown’s fit and color match when it arrives
  • Capture digital images of your smile and share them with the ceramist to highlight any color discrepancies to you

An experienced dentist will bond the final crown when you both are confident of a perfect color match.

Don’t Hesitate to Switch Dentists

Your dentist may not be concerned about matching your crown to the adjacent crowns and teeth. But a cosmetic dentist is concerned about aesthetics and will only be satisfied when they achieve a match. Consult with two different cosmetic dentists, compare their treatment options, and decide which dentist you prefer.


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