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Can a Dentist Save My Broken-Off Teeth?

I was planning on getting Invisalign in a few months, but I had an accident, and two of my front teeth broke. I saw my dentist yesterday, and she says the roots are intact. She is going to refer me to a specialist. I don’t have any sense of whether these teeth can be restored […]


Am I Too Young for Dental Implants?

Am I too young for dental implants? I’m 14. I had a bad fall 2 weeks ago during a skateboard flip. I lost 2 teeth on the left front side of my mouth.  I Googled missing teeth and found sites that say implants look like real teeth, so I hope to get 2 implants. My […]


Why Did My Tooth Start Hurting 2 Years After a Root Canal?

I’ve had a toothache in a root canal tooth since early June, but I had the root canal in February 2021. Isn’t that weird? I am concerned that the root canal may have failed, and I will need an extraction and a dental implant. Why did this happen after two years? Thank you. Trevor   […]


Could a Toothache Make Me Feel Dizzy?

I started feeling dizzy two weeks ago. I wonder if it has anything to do with my toothache. I had a dentist look at my tooth about a month ago. She examined my tooth and took an X-ray. She said I need a root canal, but I haven’t scheduled an appointment yet. Do you think […]


Could Removing My Mismatched Implant Crown Damage It?

I got a new implant crown in March that does not match the crown next to it or my front teeth. My dentist tried three times to correct the crown, but it came back mismatched every time. My dentist attached the crown to the implant without telling me, but I want it off. Will repeatedly […]


My Root Canal Tooth Got Infected

Last September, I had an infected root canal tooth, and the whole thing eventually failed. My dentist tried to save the tooth again, but he couldn’t. So last week I agreed to an extraction. It’s a front tooth, too. I’m going back and forth with whether to replace it with a dental bridge or an […]


Does a Tooth Abscess Require an Extraction and Dental Implant?

I am concerned about the treatment options a dentist gave me for a tooth abscess. She said the tooth was so infected and had curvy roots that she could only remove it and place a dental implant. I understand that my delay in seeing a dentist has caused more problems with the tooth. My anxiety […]


How Many Dental Implants Can I Get at Once?

Something did not seem right with the conversation I had with my dentist today about decay beneath my crowns and how many dental implants I can get at once. I got three dental crowns in 2001, and one broke last week. After taking x-rays, my dentist said the tooth beneath the crown was decayed and […]


Am I Too Old for Dental Implants?

Am I too old for dental implants? After wearing dentures for 22 years, I decided to get dental implants. I can afford them now, unfortunately, due to unexpected income after my father’s death. Dental implants would help me feel better about myself, especially while grieving. I am 70 years and concerned that my jawbone has […]


Dental Implants Start to Finish

For those who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are an ideal way to quickly fix the smile and ensure that the teeth don’t move over time. Some shy away from the process of obtaining a dental implant because they are nervous about dental work, but the reality is that it can be […]

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