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Can I Do My Own Tooth Fillings at Home?

Posted by AllSmiles

I get sick with anxiety whenever I have a dentist appointment, so I decided to do my own tooth fillings at home. My dentist said I need 4 new cavities filled during my last cleaning. I have been looking around in drugstores and online to figure out how to seal the teeth myself without the dentist. I have been seeing my dentist for about 2 years because I have a friend there who is an excellent hygienist. The dentist makes me nervous because he talks and works too fast. His work is good, but I don’t think his fast pace is good for my nervousness. This weekend I decided that I am not going back to the office. I want to fix the cavities myself. I see Dentemp and DenTek for tooth filling kits. Can I use either of these to fix my cavities? Thanks. Evan

Evan –   Thank you for contacting Walden Beavers Dental Group. Many anxious patients look for ways to solve their dental concerns at home. Some are concerned that a tooth filling will be painful. We will explain why filling your cavities at home is ineffective. We will also discuss how a gentle dentist will ensure that your tooth filling is not painful.

Can You Fill Tooth Cavities at Home?

Although we understand your dental anxiety, you cannot fill tooth cavities at home. Over-the-counter tooth filling kits temporarily repair lost or loose fillings but do not replace a dental visit. Attempting self-repair can lead to an infection that requires root canal treatment. We will explain how a dentist fills cavities to help you understand why you need professional care.

How Does a Dentist Fill Cavities?

Many dentists fill cavities with the following steps. Your dentist may use a slightly different process:

  • Composite selection – Your cosmetic dentist will choose shades of dental composite that match your tooth.
  • Tooth isolation – Filling your tooth requires using a dental dam to isolate it from other teeth and keep it clean and dry.
  • Clean and disinfect the tooth – Your tooth and its surroundings must be clean and dry.
  • Numbing – Your dentist will apply topical anesthetic to your gums for painless numbing.
  • Remove decay and damage – Without removing decay or damage, the filling can loosen, or your tooth can get infected.
  • Clean the tooth – Your dentist will ensure the tooth is debris-free.
  • Etch the tooth enamel – Etching prepares and roughens your tooth to accept the bonding.
  • Apply and cure bonding – A bonding agent ensures the composite seals your tooth. Your dentist will harden or cure the bonding.
  • Apply dental composite – Your dentist will apply a layer of composite.
  • Harden the composite – After shaping it, your dentist will use a curing light to harden it.
  • Build up the restoration – Additional thin layers of composite complete the filling. Or your dentist may apply thicker layers for large cavities.
  • Trim and shape the composite – Your dentist will trim and shape the filling, then polish it to a natural gloss.
  • Check your bite – Your dentist will place a thin strip of carbon paper between your teeth and ask you to glide your teeth against each other. The paper will show where your upper and lower teeth meet and if the new filling requires adjustment.

As you can see from the dental filling process, a dental filling takes time and care to preserve tooth structure and health. You cannot do it at home with a tooth-filling kit because you lack the dental tools, materials, and skills for a healthy dental filling.

Is a Tooth Filling Painful?

A molar tooth with a rubber dam around it portraying why you can't do tooth fillings at home
If you have anxiety about dental visits, find one who caters to patients who consider themselves dental cowards

A tooth filling is not painful when you find a gentle dentist who understands how to numb the surrounding areas and keep you comfortable. Even before injecting local anesthesia, a gentle dentist will numb your gums to prevent you from feeling the injection.

Look for a Gentle Dentist for Tooth Fillings

We encourage you to ask friends or family members for recommendations for a gentle dentist. You can also check online reviews. Talk to the dentist about your anxiety and options to help you relax while you get new fillings. Call several offices to ask about their payment plans if you cannot afford a dentist for tooth fillings.

Chandler, Arizona, dentists Dr. William Walden and Dr. Tyrel Beavers sponsor this post. They cater to patients who consider themselves dental cowards.

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